Every year we hear a news story about a family’s holiday being ruined by heartless, opportunistic thieves who steal thoughtfully chosen gifts purchased with hard-earned wages and the sense of home being a safe haven. Thieves can also ruin families lives by making them paranoid that they will be broken into again and they just can’t feel safe in their own home. This isn’t right and you should take every precaution to prevent this. Send these shady characters packing with these tips:

  • Close your window treatments to prevent prying eyes from seeing what’s under the tree or what logos are on the shopping bags.
  • Use motion detection lights and landscape lights to illuminate your property.
  • Take a look on Wired Smart for a suitable camera for your home that will provide maximum security.
  • Trim trees and hedges to eliminate hiding places.
  • Use light timers to make your home appear occupied even when it’s not.
  • Adjust your window treatments periodically also makes your home appear occupied.
  • Lock your doors and windows. If you are worried about any shady characters trying to get into your house, you may want to try this recommended locksmith in brooklyn or somewhere more local to you who may be able to keep your home secure for any unwanted visitors.
  • Ask your Budget Blinds style consultant about programmable motorization, which can make your home appear occupied even when it’s not, by opening and closing window treatments throughout the day.
  • Ask your local police department for additional home security tips.

Investing in a security system to make sure your house is secure can be something to consider from the get-go, like a iDetect intruder security system, protecting your home during this season is important for you and your family to enjoy themselves.