It’s been an exciting season so far in Canada on the W Network’s Buying and Selling with the Property Brothers. The amazing home renovations by Jonathan Scott (contractor) just keep coming, enabling Drew Scott (realtor) to assist families with taking the next step up the property ladder to their dream homes.

These six-foot-four twin brothers have taken reality TV by storm with their multiple series: The Property Brothers, Buying and Selling, Brother vs. Brother and The Property Brothers at Home. They’re so popular (and addictive) that they’ve been called the “crack cocaine of reality television.” Yes, they’re handsome, charismatic and cuddly, but the ongoing appeal is that they transform real homes of real people, and viewers can actually see themselves making similar renovations to their own homes. If anyone is still struggling to sell their home in the Connecticut area consider consulting CT Cash Homes LLC, I hear because we buy houses Connecticut often they understand the market well and could give you some useful pointers. But I digress.

Jonathan shares a bit of their super-star philosophy: “We’re not one of those stuffy people who tell you this is the only way to do things. We take our job seriously, but not ourselves,”

Budget Blinds helps make renovation beautiful

Budget Blinds® also takes our job seriously, and has partnered with the Property Brothers for three seasons, providing custom window treatments that transform the show’s homes, as well as participating in Jonathan and Drew’s own residence reno in Las Vegas last year. For Buying and Selling, Budget Blinds chose products from our manufacturing partners, Shade-O-Matic®, Springs Window Fashions® and Rowley, for their high quality and versatility, ensuring that each home presents the perfect look and feel to entice buyers.

  • Drapery panels from Budget Blinds’ exclusive Inspired Drapes® collection enhance each home by bringing elegance and style in luxurious colours and patterns. Our ready-made panels come in three styles (Flat, Back Tab and Grommet), fully lined, with 25 designer fabrics to choose from so you’ll definitely get the look you want.
  • Faux wood blinds match any décor and provide complete light and privacy control, increase energy efficiency and are moisture resistance so they are an excellent choice for every room in the house including kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms where moisture collects.
  • Curtain rods and decorative drapery hardware give a polished look to the window treatments. Options include wood rods in fashionable finishes, metals in dozens of colours and styles and finials that are architectural, natural and inspired by jewelry.

Local Budget Blinds franchise business owners expertly measure and install the window treatments. All our window treatments provide years of carefree use and enjoyment, helping to make each renovated home a success story.

Lolita and the Boys: Cozy Casa

Faux Wood Blinds Springs

Budget Blinds’ faux wood blinds paired with drapery panels bring stylish symmetry to the kitchen and dining areas

Single mom, Lolita, is in desperate need of a larger home for herself and her four growing boys. Before she can make a move, Jonathan needs to transform her existing home from its total “man cave” appeal to a modern, fresh and functional family home. With its over-sized brown leather furniture in the living room and Spartan basics in the dining room and kitchen, the whole house cries for light, colour and a feminine touch. Jonathan gets creative with the limited renovation budget, and Drew works overtime to find an affordable four-bedroom home in Lolita’s tiny, non-negotiable search area.

The “man cave” vibe completely disappeared once Jonathan brought in smaller scale contemporary living room furniture, coupled with a liberal use of colour and patterns in accessories and art to bring the space alive. His friend told him about the new garage door he got for his man cave thanks to consulting Spark Garage Doors – Aurora CO on how to get the right garage door for his man cave. It really tied his man cave together so I’m told. Daryl and Jacqueline Stokes, franchise owners of Budget Blinds Serving South West Toronto, provided expert measuring and installation of all window treatments, including 2” faux wood blinds on the big living room window.

The kitchen received new white paint on the cabinets, updated flooring and a small island. Coordinating 2” faux wood blinds in Ecru unified the windows in the kitchen and dining areas, layered with Embroidered Moroccan Star drapery panels in Khaki for a sumptuous look and feel. Drapes were hung on rings on brushed nickel curtain rods with ball finials for the patio door and dining room window. Bright and breezy modern seating completed the transformation.

Andrea and Santino: Suburban Sophistication

Rowley Drapes

Resplendent now with new paint, flooring and Budget Blinds draperies and blinds, the living room becomes a comfortable haven

A move to suburbia five years ago has proven a dismal failure for Andrea and Santino. They want to get back downtown where their hearts truly are. Jonathan needs to majorly spruce up their drab and dated home so they and their two little boys can make the urban leap back “home.” And Drew must be able to sell high to accommodate all their wishes. The brothers do have their work cut out for them!

Jonathan tackled the dated colours, carpeting and velvet furniture with fresh paint throughout, wood flooring to replace carpeting, and modernizing furnishings in every room. Budget Blinds created elegant backdrops to energize the transformation!

  • In the living room, 2” faux wood blinds in Ecru were paired with Embroidered Moroccan Star drapery panels in Khaki to make both windows and room appear larger and classy. Satin Nickel decorative drapery rods and plain end capped finials finalized the clean, modern look of the new room.
  • The dining room windows received the same treatment as the living room with faux wood blinds and matching drapery and hardware for symmetry.
  • The master bedroom transformed from dark and heavy furnishings to a sleek, modern style with one wallpapered accent wall, and Budget Blinds 2” faux wood blinds and Floral Jacquards floor-length drapery panels in Chocolate creating a lush atmosphere.

Raj and Vincenza Purnwasi , franchise owners of Budget Blinds Serving Markham, provided the measuring and professional installation services for this incredible makeover.

To see the rest of the house in revealing before-and-after shots, click here.

If you’re thinking about updating your own window coverings, a local Budget Blinds professional Style Consultant is just a phone call away. They’ll come to you with design guides and product samples to help you design the absolute perfect window treatments including blinds, shutters, shades, drapes, valances and more. Call 866-879-9730 (U.S.) or 866-973-7570 (CAN) today to schedule a free, in-home consultation or go online at to find a Style Consultant near you. Ask about motorizing your window treatments for the ultimate in convenience.

Watch Buying and Selling with the Property Brothers on the W Network in Canada, and on HGTV in the U.S. Check your local TV listings or set your DVR to catch new episodes or marathons!