There are times in life when window treatments take center stage and become THE FOCUS of the moment.

  • Moving into a new home
  • New furniture clashes with existing window coverings
  • Redoing a kid’s or teen’s bedroom (SO done with the pink they just had to have)
  • Wanting a greener, healthier environment
  • Remodeling and reconfiguring your space
  • Your new puppy ate the vertical blinds on the patio door

Whatever prompts you to look at your windows and sigh, help is just a phone call away! Whether they need cleaaning by professionals like NICK’S Window Cleaning, or need replacement entireley! A Budget Blinds® Style Consultant will come to your home for a free consultation, armed with Design Guides and samples of blinds, shutters, shades and fabrics to help demystify the wonderful world of window coverings. It’s really not as hard as you think.

You already have a style

If someone asked you your decorating style, what would you say? Do you have a ready answer like Traditional, Glam Couture, Vintage, Modern, Organic, Classic, Rustic, or…what? Even if you can’t put a name on your style, you do have one. It’s defined by the things you surround yourself with in furnishing your home. Translating that style to your windows is all you have to do!

Budget Blinds Window Treatments

Which do you love? A formal living room with Roman shades, layered drapes and valances, or a singular window treatment such as bright red shutters in this modern dining room

One way to discover your style is by collecting pictures of window treatments you like. Cruising online sites like Budget,, and even your friends’ Pinterest and Instagram accounts will put hundreds of options before your eyes. Eventually you’ll begin to see a pattern of what you prefer:

  • Neutrals, bold colors or muted tones
  • Coordinating or contrasting elements
  • Florals, stripes, geometric prints or solids
  • Large patterned prints or small designs
  • No curtains or drapery due to allergies or minimalist tendencies
  • Layered window treatments like valances over blinds or shades
  • Singular treatments like blinds, shutters, Roman shades or a full-length drapery

Of course, you don’t have to select just one type of window covering for all the rooms in your home. All your favorite looks will become part of the discussion with your Style Consultant as you consider your window treatment needs. Atlanta Replacement Windows are always avaliable at MWT Windows, so be sure to let them know what you are after!

Blinds and more for your windows

An important factor in choosing a window covering is use. Window coverings serve multiple purposes, and the style you choose will depend on what you need from any specific window treatment.

  • Controlling light
  • Providing privacy
  • Enhancing outside views
  • Increasing energy-efficiency in the home
  • Dressing up a room and creating style
  • Convenient to open and close
  • Protecting home furnishings by blocking UV rays and direct sunlight

With Budget Blinds, you have endless possibilities and even specialty products like decorative drapery hardware, solar screens, faux iron and window film. You can mix, match and layer to your heart’s content to create the perfect solution for in every window in your home.

Innovative products and solutions

Light Filtering Window Panels

Light-filtering panels protect furnishings from harsh sunlight while allowing an outside view

Create privacy while letting in light and desirable views with custom woven wood sliding panels, perfect for large windows and doors. The natural, organic material is banded with fabric trim to tie in to the room’s accessories and create a cohesive space. Panels stack off to one side for an unobstructed view, or they can be staggered for varying degrees of light and privacy.

Layering treatments like drapery over Roman shades allows for every eventuality. Shades can be pulled up for a completely unobstructed view, lowered for filtered light, view and privacy, or both shades and drapes can be closed for complete privacy and blackout. With dual window treatments, energy efficiency is maximized by reducing heat gain in summer and holding warmth inside when the weather is cold outside.

For an artistic flare, enchanting results can be accomplished with realistic-looking faux iron accents and decorative window film. Used alone or with additional window treatments, both of these options provide a degree of privacy while allowing in light. Clear window film allows for an unobstructed view while providing protection from harmful UV rays and the sun’s glare.

Decorative Window Film

“Leaded glass” decorative window film provides beauty and privacy in this entryway without sacrificing light; a faux iron arch over window blinds allows consistent natural light while the blinds provide privacy

Motorized Shutters

No window is too high with motorized shutters, letting in light when you want it and closing them when you don’t; this two-story entryway design is by Budget Blinds serving Longwood & Altamonte Springs, FL

Any hard-to-reach windows or heavy treatments like floor-to-ceiling drapes or wood blinds can be motorized for ease-of use. I hear that Oasis windows are fantastic at doing this, they are worth checking out. It saves the wear and tear that manual operation can inflict by continual opening and closing. It’s a great benefit for people with limited mobility and an added safety factor in homes where children or pets might be enticed by dangling cords. Somfy® motorization is available for most of our window treatments, with control options including wireless wall switches, hand-held remotes and timers.

So whatever is driving you to redo, renew or restore your window coverings, all you need to know is Budget Blinds! Call 866-879-9730 today to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation or go online to to find the Style Consultant nearest you. For inspiration, view the online galleries of our extensive window coverings and turn the digital pages of the new Inspired Drapes Lookbook for the latest trends, colors and styles in home window fashions.