Plantation Shutters Bedroom

Slightly opened Plantation Shutters created a soothing, dappled-light effect in this bedroom

Being able to control light in your surroundings allows freedom to live life on your own terms.  With unlimited options for beautifully lighting your home, you can create any style, mood or look to express your personality and lifestyle.

Window treatments can transform your home’s lighting

Windows are a major factor in how much light you have in your home. Unadorned windows let in all the light, all the time. With Budget Blinds’® wide range of blinds, shutters, shades and drapery, you can completely control how much light you allow in. Louvered blinds and shutters can be opened and closed in varying degrees to control light and privacy. Custom shades and drapes can be adjusted to admit light when and where you want it. Using a combination of blinds, shades, shutters and drapes makes you the master of the light!

But if the light in your home is not working for you, or your current window coverings need some refreshing joie de vivre, you can add flair and function by simply layering window treatments or upgrading with stylish new patterns and colors, custom cornices or decorative curtain rods.

  • Light-filtering cellular shades allow in sunlight while deflecting glare and harmful UV rays
  • Blackout shades or drapes can keep a day-sleeper’s or baby’s room completely dark for napping
  • Replace heavy drapes with blinds or shades, layered with patterned sheers
  • Protective window film lets in unobstructed natural light and a view of the outdoors
  • Roman shades give the elegance of drapes with the convenient operation of window shades
  • Install fresh, new colors of drapes or curtains in any room that needs a lift
  • Unadorned blinds will look new with a colorful valance and/or floor-length drapes added
  • Replace older blinds and shades with motorized versions for convenience and safety
  • Embellish your windows with new decorative hardware and curtain rod styles in crystal, wood and metal finishes

Consider ambient lighting to illuminate dark corners

Living Room Layered Window Coverings

This room has complete light control with Budget Blinds shades and floor-to-ceiling drapes and a floor lamp for extra illumination

Even with perfect window coverings, natural light may not always be enough. Sometimes you have to give it some help for indoor living. If the only lights you have are overhead can lights or a lighted ceiling fan, your rooms are probably too dark at some time during the day or evening. A combination of natural light and accent lighting can make your rooms more functional and comfortable.  Ambient lighting is trending as a home décor technique to set a mood, enable a task, define a space or add glamour and drama.

Floor and table lamps, track lighting, chandeliers and sconces come in every style imaginable from elaborate Victorian to ultra-modern Industrial designs. How your space is used will determine the amount and types of lighting that you need.

  • Place stylish accent lamps on side tables to dispel shadows and create an inviting glow
  • A floor lamp next to a comfy chair or sofa will enhance the reading experience
  • Use task lighting to direct light exactly where it’s needed such as for sewing, crafting or working
  • Update older light fixtures like hallway sconces to modernize your décor
  • New lampshades can update favorite lamps and refresh your space, introducing color or texture
  • Make a dramatic statement with chandeliers in dining and living rooms
  • Pretty night lights in hallways, bathrooms and guestrooms make them more user-friendly
  • Dim entryways can benefit from pendant or accent lights to brighten up the space
  • Uplights placed on the floor by tall plants or tucked near sofa tables will brighten a room all the way to the ceiling

Lighting Room

A modern red and black accent lamp makes this the perfect cozy corner, while these polished brass chandeliers add glamour and soft lighting to this formal dining room

Proper lighting throughout your home will make your family’s life easier whether it’s task lighting at a homework desk for the kids, a brightly lighted laundry room, or minimizing the glare on the big screen TV in the living room or media center. The proper window treatments coupled with appropriate indoor lighting will ensure comfort and convenience, day or night, all year long.

But before you start spending money on lamps and light fixtures, let a Budget Blinds professional Style Consultant help you maximize the efficiency of your windows for light and privacy control. Call 866-879-9730 today for a free, in-home consultation or go online to to find the Style Consultant near you. We’re ready with design inspiration, expert measuring and efficient installation to ensure you have the right window coverings to set the stage for determining any additional lighting needs for your home.