Budget Blinds® holds an annual Inspired Drapes® Design Contest to inspire our franchise business owner Style Consultants to reach new heights of design, innovation and creativity with soft window treatments. Not only competing against each other for the coveted win, they strive to exceed anything they have done before!

Best designs are submitted for five specific categories–Combination Treatments, Curtains and Draperies, Decorative Hardware, Soft Shades, and Top Treatments—and first and second place winners are selected by a panel of industry judges. Winning designers are featured in Window Fashion VISION magazine, a top publication for interior designers.

This year’s competition resulted in some truly unique presentations to inspire you to look at your windows a little differently.

  • Do you have an especially challenging window?
  • Would you like a whole new decorating vibe in your home?

Take a look at the winning designs and stretch your style muscles and imagine how creative you can be with new and exciting soft window treatments from Budget Blinds to enhance your lifestyle.

Combination Treatments, First Place
Budget Blinds of Medicine Hat, AB, Dawn Cameron and John Atkinson
Adding height, depth and richness to the windows while allowing complete light and privacy control was accomplished with layers, including dual-function custom Roman shades for light-filtering or room-darkening, and floor-length drapery panels. Decorative crown molding and fabric cornices added the finishing touches to unify all the elements in the room.
Combination Treatments, Second Place
Budget Blinds of Boise, ID, Quent Blodgett
Sheer, off-white Roman shades softly filter light and diffuse glare in this formal entry way. Drapery panels add elegance and softness with chic tiebacks to keep them hanging straight. Architectural interest is added with contrasting eyebrow curtain rods and decorative finials that mirror the metal in the stair railing.
Curtains and Draperies, First Place
Budget Blinds of Boise, ID, Quent Blodgett
Enhancing the room but not overpowering the fireplace was the challenge met with creatively hung floor-to-ceiling gray silk drapery panels on eyebrow rods, dropped 6” for a unique style statement. Matching the drapery fabric to the wall color created a tone-on-tone design, adding elegance while preserving the view.
Curtains and Draperies, Second Place
Budget Blinds of College Station, TX, Stephen and Tiffany Strong
A traditional and luxurious setting becomes stellar with pleated drapery panels over motorized solar roller shades, giving complete light control without impacting the view. The gables and arched window become a focal point in the room with decorative medallions securing the drapery panels and serving as holdbacks.
Decorative Hardware, First Place
Budget Blinds of College Station, TX, Stephen and Tiffany Strong
The same home as Image Four, this dining room valance continues the rich earth tone colors of the drapery panels and the dramatic design statement of the decorative medallions. Two treatments in one, the patterned swag valance is lined in matching fabric to the underlying cornice, unifying the multi-layered treatment.
Decorative Hardware, Second Place
Budget Blinds of SW Colorado Springs, CO, Michael Burwell
Updating an older home to be more contemporary and stylish, while staying on budget, was beautifully accomplished with an innovative valance and curtain rod design. For a natural, organic feel, sage green woven wood shades and natural leaf/vine patterned draperies were chosen to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.
Soft Shades, First Place
Budget Blinds of Louisville East, KY, Richard and Beverly Suel
This custom, soft roller shade from Horizons rescued a frequently-used door from ill-fitting blinds. Using the same fabric as in her breakfast nook, this Contempo valance with matching fringe was designed for the door treatment giving a unified look and quiet functionality she never imagined possible.
Soft Shades, Second Place
Budget Blinds of Naperville, IL, Stephanie Wojcik
Intense afternoon sun was making this kitchen window a nightmare. For a decorative and modern solution, this soft fold Roman shade in a bold print covers the transom and part of the window, allowing in just enough sunlight. The same print was used on additional windows as a coordinating top treatment over café shutters.
Top Treatments, First Place
Budget Blinds of Louisville East, KY,
Richard and Beverly Suel The master bath window needed to match the newly redecorated master bedroom. Adopting the colors and patterns from the bedroom, this layered valance adds interesting dimension, including crystal trim to complement the master bath chandelier. Mounting the treatment a few inches above the window gave the allusion of height.
Top Treatments, Second Place
Budget Blinds of Paramus, NJ, Sonja Skogerson
Elegant fabric cornices add the finishing touch to this high-end kitchen. The bold geometric pattern coordinates with the gray and white kitchen and, despite the different-sized windows and door, the room is unified and balanced with identical custom top treatments over each set of cordless wood blinds.

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